1. Initial Construction of MEITUO

One day in 2008, in a small workshop with only one CNC, a CNC technical worker was working overtime and rushing to make the first order received. Due to the tight delivery time of the customer and the limited number of equipment and personnel, he has been on three consecutive night shifts to ensure on-time delivery. However, in order to ensure the quality of the parts, he must carefully check and measure the parts after completing each process to ensure that the tolerances are correct before proceeding to the next step. Half a month later, when he delivered the parts to the customer in person, the customer not only marveled at his on-time delivery, but also surprised him by the quality control of the parts. This order laid the foundation for his long-term cooperation with this customer.

His name is ZHANG FENG, the founder of MEITUO. In 2008, he and a CNC were also the original appearance of MEITUO.

2. Stable Development

Time flied, MEITUO has been established for 12 years from 2008 to now, from 1 CNC and 1 person, to be a Medium-sized mold parts processing plant with 18 CNC, 8 EDM, and several milling machines, grinding machines, and wire-cutting machines. At present, MEITUO not only provides mold parts solutions to domestic customers, but also takes the pace of development abroad. Countries in Europe, America, and Asia, including the United States, Germany, France, Portugal, and Thailand, Singapore, different industries are using molds assembled with mold parts manufactured by MEITUO to produce one product after another. Back and forth, MEITUO is also growing with them. 

3. Never Forget the Original Goal

But no matter how MEITUO develops, its original intention never changes: Quality is the foundation of the company! If you visit MEITUO, you will find that under the current big environment of MEITUO, the process of the mold part manufacturing, from beginning to finishing, is right the small microcosm of how the founder ZHANG FENG made the first order: after each process is completed, the technical workers will do a self-inspection, and all parts will be 100% tested by CMM before shipment to ensure that the tolerances meet the standards required by the customer. It is precisely because of this strict quality production standards that MEITUO has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers!

“Close to red, you got red. Close to black, you got black”. The high standard of product quality control has also unconsciously created the meticulous spirit of MEITUO people. No matter how the times change, we believe that MEITUO will have a more brilliant tomorrow under the influence of this spirit!

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